my protein review

My Protein Review

Myprotein is a British company, based in Northwich, Cheshire, England. They produce wide range of sports nutrition products including supplements, protein powders and bars, vitamins, and snacks. It was founded in 2004 by Oliver Cookson and was acquired in June 2011 by The Hut Group which is now head by Andy Duckworth (CEO). Myprotein also has many branches and distributors worldwide.

Myprotein stands at the top in fitness nutrition, producing high quality supplements that contain clinically tested and proven ingredients to deliver the user great results.

Company Mission?

Myprotein is targeted at athletes and bodybuilders who are serious about getting fit and in form. Myprotein is a one stop solution, it provides answer to all fitness goals.

The company manufactures various supplements that meet all users specific needs. Myprotein also sells sport shirts, training leggings for women, and a whole list of other products are available on the official website.

Myprotein range of sport supplements, had been tested to WADA and Olympic standards to deliver great result to elite bodybuilders and professional athletes.

Myprotein top product like Whey Protein, Instant Oats, Creatine Monohydrate, CLA, BCAA Plus and Peanut Butter, are high in protein and other nutritional values. The BEST TESTOSTERONE BOOSTERS are the ones that dont actually cost that much to purchase.

With over 2500 premium products, Myprotein offers a range for everyone, regardless of body shape, size, sport or training goal.


Myprotein supplements are being manufactured in a state of the art facility, which is certified against the British Retail Consortium Global Standard for Food Safety and has achieved a Double A grade, the highest attainable grade, to guarantee that they work to an excellent manufacturing practices.

Every single products manufactured by Myprotein do not contain additives, fillers, or chemicals. Myprotein development team formulate extensive products based on the latest scientific research.

With other distributors worldwide, Myprotein carefully select trusted and reliable supplier, so to ensures all their products are accordance to strict European standards.

Current Employees/Working Conditions

In December 2015, Myprotein announced an agreement with Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development to build their first production facility outside of the United kingdom in Bullitt County, Kentucky. Best testosterone brands are what you should look out for mate.

As part of the agreement, Myprotein planned to create up to 350 jobs in the region, and would receive up to $2.6 million in tax incentives. As of October 2017 the facility employed more people working full time.

The company is evolving fast, Myprotein reviews has been providing jobs opportunity to people outside the United kingdom. However, a lot of the employees ain’t very happy with the working condition. They complained of inequality of salary and long hours pressure.

Some also complained of the management disrespecting workers and does not provide any career growth opportunities. The upper management doesn’t help them become successful and are incompetent.

Customer service

Any company that doesn’t meet their workers best interest, isn’t worth partnering with. Well, this is the case of Myprotein. Their customer service is very poor, they don`t care about company reputation, complicated and wrong organised work system.

They claimed that their customer service team are available 7 days a week to assist with any issues or questions, but unfortunately, the managers are not very serious, they don’t assist the customer service representative at all. So, in turn, they themselves can not help their customers with discount or promo issues.

Myprotein offers customers the opportunity to earn £10 for every successful referral and a 30% discount. However, they take advantage of customers through misleading referral bonuses.

Some users also complained of getting mail and text spams from their website repeatedly trying to sell them products which they’re not interested in.

Myprotein Price

Myprotein provides customers with promotional offers and discount on some of their products.

Myprotein products are affordable, and the website offers high quality and great choice , with random discount codes sent to customers every week.

Myprotein offers standard next day and saturday delivery at £3.99 and free shipping on orders over £50.

Shipping and order

Myprotein online purchase, uses a easy order system which allows customers to re-order easily without needing to search again. The checkout is stress free.

Myprotein despatch team operate 3 warehouses with the latest automated technology to help offer same day dispatch until 9pm (GMT). Delivering to over 70 countries, customers order can be delivered to their doorstep the next morning. Myprotein claimed that customers can also track their order at any moment online.

Unfortunately, Myprotein delivery system is very bad, if not the worst of all. They don’t delivery the package on time, the tracking system is almost the same as their customer service. Their package is easily lost through their courier.

Calling Myprotein customer service about delay delivery is a waste of time. They keep blaming it on Black Friday. Well, as you see this is a very poor management system.

Refund policy and packaging

If Myprotein want to get back their loss glory, it will be best to lay off some incompetent employees and manager. Seriously, company service has gone down hill and their delivery system are disgraceful. Most of deliveries are either badly damaged or lost in the process, which is very suspicious.

Myprotein assured customers that the refund should be returned to their account within 5 working day, that they will sent them email to let them know it’s on its way.

However, most customers had complained of still waiting for a refund from latest damaged shipment made 10 days ago even after seeing photos of products and email of the return slips for the items.

Myprotein return policy is a very long process. Customers that wish to return the package will need to tell them the reason for the return so they can choose the best option for them.

They will ask if the product are unopened, in their original packaging and any retail seals are unbroken.

Myprotein has also being criticize for sending customers goods that are about to expire.


Customers that wishes to return the items should contact their customer service on 0044 (0) 161 8131487 or email at or by post at Customer Service Department, Myprotein, Meridian House, Gadbrook Way, Gadbrook Park, Rudheath, Northwich, Cheshire, UK, CW9 7RA.


Also, just in case of any difficulties with refund, please visit the UK Government’s website at: or contact Consumer Direct, the Government funded consumer advice service on 08454 04 05 06.


Myprotein produces great products, but their customer service are poor. No return link on the website. No communication by email. They waste extra days delaying package to the customers.

Myprotein delivery system is best suitable for customers ordering from the United kingdom. Other location might take longer or never deliver.

It is best to order Myprotein products via third-party-sites, beware of their official website.

Testogen, PhenQ and Leptigen

Testogen, phenQ and Leptigen

These three supplements have been talked about all over the internet and have been used by many customers. Testogen is a testosterone booster and i believe is the best testosterone booster available on the market today and will continue to be so for many many years to come. you can read about TestoGen and its testosterone boosting effects at various review websites. We advise that you take Testogen for about 3 months consistently and use it while you train hard in the gym for full effect.

PhenQ is without a doubt the best ever weight loss/diet pill that i have ever seen. All the ingredients used to make this diet pill have been researched and trial and tested vigorously. They hve all produced great results for the people that use them. When using Phenq to lose weight you have to make sure that you are not taking other diet pills as this can have adverse effects on your body and the results you produce. You must make sure that you do not exceed the stated dosage. if you are pregnant then it wouldnt be a good idea to take PhenQ either.

Lastly lets discuss Leptigen. Right now Leptigen is a very popular diet pill on the internet provided by dietspotlight. I personally think that LeptiGen is not a good diet pill and doesn’t work very well. The marketing team behind Leptigen have done a good job of pushing it quite well on the internet and thus it has gotten alot of attention on the internet, that is for sure. When you buy a diet pill it is important that you have concrete evidence that it will work for you and that the side effects will be minimum. In all honesty i would recommend Leptigen to any one serious about losing weight.

losing weight


So how do you stay healthy then?

So the question is how do you stay healthy in a world where you are surrounded by so much garbage food and second hand smoking etc. The answer to this is really taking pride in what you put in your mouth and what you consume on a daily basis. There are certain foods that you should really take notice of that can really help you improve your health. Read this article of the top 10 healthy foods from “medical news today”. I believe that all the foods on this list are essential to living a healthy life on this planet and thriving in a healthy way.

What about the gym?

Is the gym really necessary to stay fit and healthy inside and out? The answer is yes and no. Lets get one thing straight. Staying fit is absolutely essential. Weather you are inside the gym or work out outside you must stay fit and active. Do you need the gym to do that? no! (A personal trainer may be helpful for beginners)

However there are many useful equipment in the gym that can seriously benefit your muscle development and i would recommend you go to the gym if building muscle is important to you.

If losing weight is more up your street the gym is great to. However, all you really need to get started with losing weigh, is a park, a good diet and maybe a diet pill like PhenQ to help you along the way.

Insanity is without a doubt the best home workout system out there hands down. You can get started on a low budget and see results relatively fast. Many people i know have lost lots of pounds using insanity and a decent diet. So, if you are on a budget start with insanity and get things going.

A video about being healthy:

That wraps up this post, see you all next time.

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Hey, welcome to jenal systems where we discuss all things health. We will be going over male health and female health. This involves discussing supplements and products that we feel will be beneficial to you and your health and well being. There are many supplements on the internet and alot of them do not work while a small selection work very well indeed and can largely improve your health. There are great supplements on the internet like testogen and phenq that are well made with highly effective ingredients. Many of these ingredients have been trial and tested to work in the past and work very well indeed. Keep stopping by to see these effective supplements that we will review every now and then.